RRAMAC Connected Systems recently enhanced their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) quick start asset to give users insight into equipment performance in less time and with minimal upfront costs. In the past, EdgeScout by RRAMAC offered a proof of concept asset for customers to see simple text data from their equipment. Since then, this asset has been renamed to quick start and has evolved to include user-defined graphics, an updated trend tool and optional OEE.

The quick start asset for IIoT significantly reduces the up-front engineering cost and provides greater flexibility for the user to make changes to the project on their own. It is the ideal solution for customers who are curious about including remote monitoring or IIoT capabilities within their applications, are needing a more robust equipment tracking and reporting solution, and want the ability to make simple edits to their platform and dashboards. Read on to learn more or schedule a free quick start consultation by completing the form.

EdgeScout Quick Start Asset Consultation

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Remote Monitoring Graphic Editor

One of the new features the quick start asset includes is a graphic editor that allows users to create their own graphic objects for web dashboards, mobile dashboards and smart phone apps.  This editor can be added into both existing and new custom assets.

IIoT EgdeScoutGraphicEditor

Equipment Trend Tool

IIoT trend EdgeScout by RRAMAC

The quick start IIoT asset allows users to set what variables they want to track, change their name, set SMS and/or email notifications, determine the frequency of notifications, and select whether or not the variables they are tracking appear by default on the historical trends page. The simple interface also allows users to add or remove variables on the fly.

Optional Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE software allows you to quickly see how well your plant, production line, or individual machine is performing.  The OEE features of the EdgeScout quick start asset include:

An interactive report showing day by day performance including availability, production rate, and quality for a line or per station.

OEE EdgeScout IIoT Solutions

A graphic dashboard that can be customized to show performance metrics for your application.

EdgeScout OEE_IIoT Solutions

Interactive perato charts for downtime, production rate, and quality with adjustable date ranges and drill downs.

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