EdgeScout 60 Day FREE Trial 


Leverage Remote Connectivity to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Improve Performance


Connect your equipment to RRAMAC’s EdgeScout server through a secure internet tunnel. No firewall holes required. Connectivity options include Secomea Site Manager and Banner DXM.


At the end of your 60 Day FREE trial, we will provide a consultation to review findings and make recommendations on ways to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase value to your customers.


Collect your key process variables from equipment PLCs or sensors on the EdgeScout server. Your web display will include a live dashboard, historical trending, and email and text alerts.

Maximize productivity and gain insight into your processes!

RRAMAC Connected Systems is partnering with Power/Mation and Next Mile IoT to offer Secomea Site Manager and Banner DXM users a FREE remote monitoring trial. This 60 day trial will connect equipment to RRAMAC’s EdgeScout server through a secure internet tunnel to collect and analyze data to determine future improvements.* For a brief overview of the initial proof of concept features click on the video below.


  • Easy access to production totals
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Understand revenue impact of downtime events
  • Ensure that equipment is running at optimal speed
  • Automate consumable product ordering

*Free remote monitoring trial includes a 60 day cloud subscription and a communication device (Secomea SiteManager or Banner DXM).   Additional hardware such as sensors or other IO devices  are not included.

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Power/mation is a high tech automation distributor of sensors, motion control, robotics, linear actuators, AC and DC variable speed drives, power transmission and torque devices, programmable logic controllers, SCADA solutions, operator interface panels, safety products, network and communications solutions, wireless solutions, connectivity, tension control, temperature control, panel components, machine vision, energy saving devices, and value add services.


Next Mile IoT focuses on the business of IoT, specializing in connected business model development, assessment, and empirically-driven market exploration. Next Mile IoT is not another IoT technology provider; they help visionary leaders, successful owners, and savvy forward-thinkers distill IoT’s limitless possibilities into strategic yes/no decisions. Next Mile IoT will enable you to win the savings, revenue, and new opportunities unlocked by connected technology.