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Get Started with EdgeScout by RRAMAC Remote Monitoring & IIoT Solutions

Go from concept to fully functioning data collection and remote monitoring in a few simple steps with the EdgeScout by RRAMAC comprehensive turn-key cloud hosted solutions. For simple applications, the EdgeScout Quick Start Asset can be up and running the same day (watch video to the right!). A fully-customized EdgeScout solution is developed in a matter of a few weeks.

First we need a few details about your application needs to provide you with a quote and recommendations on any required hardware and software. Our engineers then develop a smartphone app, mobile friendly website or desktop website to provide the tools to remotely monitor your equipment and gain valuable information about your devices. Review the process below and contact us to start monitoring your equipment today.

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  1. Tell Us About Your Application.

RRAMAC provides meaningful information for just about any process or equipment, including:

  • Large industrial or construction equipment
  • Water/Waste water treatment systems
  • Production data
  • Food service equipment
  • Commodities such as crop yields

Is there a PLC, drive (e.g. VFD), an HMI or even an existing data collection system, edge node or gateway? And what types of communication protocols are supported?

The EdgeScout by RRAMAC solution can generally talk to any device, even older legacy equipment that does not include automation. We save you time by sourcing any necessary equipment to get the information you need. Standard communication protocols EdgeScout by RRAMAC talks to include:

  • Modbus over Ethernet (TCP)
  • Serial (RTU)
  • Ethernet IP
  • MQTT

How much data would you like to collect and how often? Are there less than 10 data points you want to collect/monitor? Or do you have hundreds of pieces of data coming from multiple machines or lines?

Tell us what data you would like to collect and how often. No two solutions are the same. For some applications monitoring a few data points a few times every hour is more than enough. Other needs may require monitoring hundreds of variables every few seconds.

Whether your application requires a smart phone app or a mobile friendly or desktop website, RRAMAC can implement a custom solution on the EdgeScout platform. If this requires any custom charting, reports, or specialized dynamic graphics, let our team know and we will customize a solution. We even assist with continuing development or replicating the look and feel of an existing display.

Do you need remote programming access to your PLC? Do you have a 3rd party support system or ERM you would like to tie into?

The EdgeScout by RRAMAC platform has a variety of ways to compliment your applications’ unique data collection needs. Tell us your requirements and we’ll provide a solution.

2. Receive a Quote.

Once we have an idea of your organization’s unique application needs, we can provide you with some pricing options and recommendations for your solution. This quote includes:

  • Design
  • Scope and layout
  • Pricing for any customization or NRE
  • Hardware and software fees
  • Any additional licenses fees or required equipment

In most cases, we provide this information in just a few days. For smaller applications there may be little or no cost for customization or NRE, only the subscription cost to manage your equipment. In this instance, the EdgeScout Quick Start Asset is recommended.

3. Your Solution is Developed.

After RRAMAC verifies communication with your equipment and gains access for basic testing, we will begin development. In most cases this can be done in just a few short hours with access to the equipment. A fully functioning website or mobile app is typically developed within 2-4 weeks. If any special equipment is required, we will work with vendors to ensure you have right hardware for your solution.

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