Hardware Solutions

EdgeScout Connectivity

EdgeScout is a cloud hosted remote monitoring system that does not require the purchase of PCs or software and can be utilized across several different hardware gateways. Our plug and play solution makes installation and set-up quick and easy. An initial registration fee and annual subscription includes comprehensive and secure data storage with perpetual access to customized reports, dashboards and notifications.

RRAMAC’s experienced team of engineers will work with your hardware gateway to expertly configure and customize your remote monitoring system. We offer customized reports and dashboards, cloud based analytics, historical trends, and email and text notifications. RRAMAC can also provide perpetual access to data for downtime reporting, predictive maintenance, reactive maintenance and remote inventory tracking.


EdgeScout Edge Node


  • Plug and play data collection
  • Device comes preconfigured for the user’s application
  • Local drivers for PLC/PAC/Drives or other automation equipment
  • Open platform supports both off the shelf and custom protocols
  • Local time stamped data
  • Report by exception
  • Store and forward buffering to prevent data loss
  • Upgrades and modifications managed remotely by RRAMAC
Edge Node Compact and Rugged
equipment tracking TG9

TG9 IoT Tracking Device


  • Transmits data to a cloud-based management software
  • Gives insights on location, performance, and status of assets and equipment
  • No PLC, gateway or enclosure required
  • Operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C
  • Global connectivity to powered and un-powered assets
  • Uses a penta-band 3G/2G module to send position reports to a server
  • Simple installation
iiot gateway_ewon flexy

Ewon Flexy IIoT Gateway


  • Uses Flexy’s built-in PLC Communication Drivers
  • Options for LAN, Wifi, and Cellular connectivity
  • Optional Analog and Discrete I/O for applications with no PLC
  • Built-in PLC programming gateway functionality via Ewon Talk2M Server
  • Setup for RRAMAC EdgeScout connection configured by a web page hosted on Ewon Flexy
  • Direct connection to EdgeScout Cloud Server for data collection
    • Bypasses Talk2M Server
    • Uses TLS security with AES Encryption
    • LAN Connectivity via outbound ports or proxy server
    • No VPN firewall exceptions required for data collection
    • Does not impact Talk2M data usage

Secomea SiteManagerTM


  • Local PLC Communication Drivers
  • Report by exception to cloud with store and forward
  • TLS Security with AES Encryption
  • LAN Connectivity via outbound ports or proxy server
  • Cellular option as primary communication or backup communication to LAN
  • Built-in PLC programming gateway functionality
  • Based on Secomea’s Industry 4.0 certified solution

Banner® DXM100/150 Wireless Controller


  • Sure Cross® DX80 Wireless Gateway or MultiHop radio with 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz
  • ISM bands available
  • Logic controller with action rules and ScriptBasic programming
  • Cellular radio Internet connectivity
  • Automation protocols include Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and EtherNet/IP™
  • Secure email and text messaging for alarms, alerts and data log files
  • Data logging with removable SD card
  • Interactive programmable user interface with LCD and LED indicators
  • Universal, on-board I/O with analog and discrete I/O
  • Industry standard RS-485, Ethernet and USB communication ports
  • Multiple managed power options with battery backup

Red Lion RAM9000


  • Local Modbus Communication Drivers
  • Report by exception to cloud via MQTT
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Built-in Local IO