Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance Overview

Proactively identify downtime patterns with EdgeScout. Intermittent failures can be time consuming and expensive to diagnose. EdgeScout captures downtime events in real-time to determine the cause of a shutdown. EdgeScout can send email or text alerts as soon as a critical fault occurs. The alert message contains a detailed description of the fault and a link to the specific asset. The asset link allows staff to quickly analyze the issue with a live dashboard and historical data to determine the root cause of the shutdown. All failure data is securely transferred and accessed by staff to decrease troubleshooting duration and increase resolution and fix rates.

Reactive Maintenance tracking offers the following benefits:

  • Minimizes downtime with immediate alerts for maintenance staff
  • Root cause analysis through data analytics
  • Faster asset troubleshooting and fix rate for future failures
RRAMAC Downtime Pie Chart