Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutions Overview

EdgeScout provides remote monitoring solutions across all industrial applications. For nearly a decade, RRAMAC has been committed to perfecting and enhancing EdgeScout’s functionality to help our customers achieve 100% operational equipment effectiveness.

EdgeScout’s actionable intelligence and analytics have resulted in significant cost savings for a wide spectrum of customers.

RRAMAC Manufacturing


Reliable and accurate information are imperative to reducing or eliminating downtime on a production floor. Manufacturers are increasingly challenged to optimize operations to stay ahead in competitive supply chains within global markets. EdgeScout offers real time information on equipment and other assets, inventories, and productivity. Custom machining monitoring reporting and alerts allow for predictive maintenance and proactive decision making to increase uptime, improve quality and drive faster production rates.

RRAMAC Packaging


Packaging facility managers are challenged to maximize production yields, maintain quality standards and keep costs under control. Aspects like cycle time, energy consumption, material inventories, job size, and temperature variations can effect overall facility operations resulting in downtime. EdgeScout provides real time information on production, productivity, losses and inventories. Centralized asset information and alerts allow staff to identify critical issues quickly before they slow or stop operations.


In the water treatment industry, there is a continuous demand for maximum output and high quality. Evolving technologies for water and wastewater treatment add to the complexity and make having reliable equipment and efficient processes a must. Data collected by EdgeScout can improve productivity and increase output while ensuring that public health, safety and quality are maintained with intelligent operations.

RRAMAC Agriculture


Remote monitoring of grain facilities can help detect issues before they become problems. EdgeScout provides data to protect buildings and commodities from temperature fluctuations, equipment malfunctions and weather conditions to minimize shrink and prevent spoilage. Real time data and root cause analysis allows for maximum grain storage time resulting in reduced loses and higher earnings.

RRAMAC Transporation


Improving consistency and reliability in the transportation industry using remote monitoring can provide substantial benefits in the public and private sectors. Transportation companies can improve their operations and cut costs by gathering data from assets to determine efficiency of operations. EdgeScout can provide companies with valuable information that increases utilization and improves safety while reducing fuel and energy consumption.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial machinery is used across industry verticals and these assets are often spread over different locations. The performance of assets can be improved drastically by constantly monitoring operating patterns in real time to predict asset behavior, avoid asset downtime and improve asset productivity. EdgeScout by RRAMAC is a cost-effective remote monitoring solution that can be integrated into any piece of equipment. An easy to access, customizable web portal and mobile app provides immediate access to valuable operational data and field analytics for data-driven decision making.