Remote Monitoring System & Asset Management

EdgeScout by RRAMAC is the Remote Monitoring System your company needs

EdgeScout offers a comprehensive industrial remote monitoring system that can maximize production, reduce operating costs and keep your equipment up and running. Manage equipment performance and make real-time decisions from your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

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The EdgeScout
User Advantage

Reporting and Analytics

& Analytics

Consolidate data into easily accessible customized reports.
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Plug & Play Connectivity

Plug & Play

Simple and smooth installation, configuration and implementation.
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Web & Mobile Apps

Web &
Mobile Apps

Custom dashboards, alerts and reports for all communication devices.
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Secure Data Collection

Secure Data

Secure connectivity solutions on private networks & servers.
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Secure Data Collection


Monitor equipment maintenance and predict machine failure before it occurs
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Machine Monitoring

With EdgeScout, machine monitoring capabilities are endless. From plug and play connectivity and secure data collection to the remote monitoring app and custom reporting, the EdgeScout remote monitoring system allows you to make decisions based on the real-time data of your machines.

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