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Adding Cloud Based AI to On Premise SCADA Systems | SCADA Tech Summit

Join Tom Craven, VP of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems and Tom Abraham, Director of Operations for Lone Star Analysis at the 2020 SCADA Tech Summit where they will deliver the presentation, “Adding Cloud Based AI to On Premise SCADA Systems,” on August 26 at 9am CST. Read on for a description of the presentation or register to attend the online conference today!

SCADA Tech Summit
Leveraging AI for predictive maintenance, predictive quality, or process improvements can increase revenue for most automated production facilities, but on-premise AI systems tend to be expensive and difficult to implement and maintain.

Benefits of Cloud hosted AI Systems:

  • More cost effective
  • Faster implementation timelines
  • Less in house support required

Cloud hosting of course raises concerns about cybersecurity. We will discuss options for using minimizing security risks, including:

  • Using a data diode to allow data to flow out of the manufacturing facility while eliminating the possibility of any incoming cybersecurity threats.
  • How the plant is fully in control of which data values can be transmitted out of the facility.

In some AI systems there are some decisions that are time sensitive and cannot be dependent on the cloud connection.  We will discuss how local algorithms on the edge node can quickly react to local data. Finally, we will present a case study using AI with SCADA to improve quality and reduce downtime on Reaction Injection Molding Equipment. This study shows a cost savings of $450,000 annually and a 7% increase in machine performance.

Date: August 26, 2020 — August 27, 2020

Time: 9am CST

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Predictive Maintenance with Measurable ROI and Minimal Risk | AI Manufacturing

The AI Manufacturing conference is going virtual this year! Join RRAMAC for their presentation titled, “Predictive Maintenance with Measurable ROI and Minimal Risk,” on August 26 at 2:40pm CST.

AI Manufacturing

This discussion will cover:

  • How today’s attackers are exploiting increased connectivity between IT and OT to disrupt critical environments

  • How the first AI security system ever deployed across ICS and SCADA networks understands and learns the patterns of life for unique operational environments

  • Where AI shines a light on key blind spots to provide visibility across the digital infrastructure, including ICS, cloud, email, and the on-premise network.

  • How cyber AI has neutralized real-world threats to a medical manufacturing company’s IP, a transportation center’s IoT devices, and a major organization’s assembly line

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Date: August 26, 2020 — August 26, 2020

Time: 2:40 PM CST

Location: Online

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