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An EdgeScout OEE system can be customized to your specific machines or production lines for a fraction of the cost of traditional OEE with full functionality within a few weeks.

The EdgeScout Platform provides essential IoT functional blocks which allow the assembly of smart energy solutions with speed and seamless interoperability. Sensors, smart metering devices, controllers, smart energy monitors, and electrical grid assets can be plugged into the system and managed in real-time, over a secure network connection.

Uber’s success stems from the fact that they figured out how to leverage technology, in the form of a mobile app and remote connectivity, to make what was difficult and expensive (taking a cab) easy and more economical, thus causing a disruptive change in their industry.  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be loosely thought of as the “Uberization” of industrial equipment. The IIoT refers to the network of physical objects in industrial settings – devices, equipment, buildings, etc. – that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect, exchange and report data.

OEMs love the idea of remotely connecting their equipment but are worried about the complexity of managing connections, end-user security concerns and firewall and routing issues. Fortunately, there is a better alternative to VPN for remotely connecting.

EdgeScout Remote Monitoring is a turnkey remote monitoring solution hosted by RRAMAC. There are no PC’s to purchase, no software to install, and no code to write so you can get started quickly without a major investment. For an initial setup fee and annual subscription, your data will be stored on our tier level 3 servers with redundant power and automatic backups. You have full control of the access to your data with two factor authentication and full audit trails.

EdgeScout is a cloud hosted remote monitoring system that does not require the purchase of PCs or software and can be utilized across several different hardware gateways. Our plug and play solution makes installation and set-up quick and easy. RRAMAC’s experienced team of engineers will work with your hardware gateway to expertly configure and customize your remote monitoring system.

Secomea’s SiteManager hardware is part of the company’s Industry 4.0 Certified remote access solution, which is used by major machine builders and system integrators all over the world. The solution consists of a software or hardware-based control unit that is installed at a factory (SiteManager), and a Web- or Windows-based client (LinkManager) operated by technicians or end-users. These two components are tied together via a central M2M communication server (GateManager).

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Banner® DXM100 is an industrial wireless controller that interfaces with wired and wireless sensors for monitoring vibration, temperature, humidity, tank level, and more.  The DXM100 collects data and pushes it securely to EdgeScout’s remote monitoring systems.

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Combining Moxa’s UC-8100 computer platform and wireless technology with EdgeScout’s remote monitoring system provides complete solutions for Predictive Maintenance, Environmental Monitoring, and Productivity Solutions.

Combining the Advantech UNO-2000 Series computer platform and wireless technology with EdgeScout’s remote monitoring system provides complete solutions for Predictive Maintenance, Environmental Monitoring, and Productivity Solutions.

Case Studies

The EdgeScout solution provided Rotochopper with: detailed and historical alerts and reporting capabilities that allow for predictive maintenance – resulting in less downtime and money saved, a live link for service technicians and customers to see the same screen simultaneously, and enhanced customer service capabilities, increasing their customer satisfaction.

For over a decade, RRAMAC has been working with experts across a broad range of industries to provide simulation based predictive maintenance solutions to our customers. These systems can be hosted on the EdgeScout by RRAMAC cloud servers or configured as part of an on premise hosted solution. Read the case studies from three different industries to see how RRAMAC helps you save costs, minimize downtime, increase machine performance and more.

Videos & Demos

Step by step guide to adding new secure users to the EdgeScout platform.

For a quick look at how simple it is for users to begin configuring vital asset data for dashboards, alerts, alarm notifications and historical reporting, watch the EdgeScout by RRAMAC quick start demo.

Watch the video for an overview on Predictive Maintenance using AI Simulation Models, their advantages and disadvantages and how each model contributes to short-term and long-term ROI.


Learn how a hosted Software-as-a-Service approach to plant floor analytics can:

  • Put business intelligence at your fingertips in a matter of weeks
  • Implement Smart Manufacturing initiatives with minimal upfront costs
  • Deliver a clear and measurable path to ROI

From smartphones to fitbits and more, IoT is trusted to inform and provide a certain level of comfort within our lives. Why wouldn’t we trust IoT to enhance the industrial automation world?

Many IIoT companies are really just providing simple remote monitoring over an internet connection, versus a turnkey cloud-based system. While simple remote monitoring can provide short term ROI, it falls short of long term business needs such as:

  • Seamless data flow between software systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive and prescriptive maintenance

Industry 4.0 accelerates the continuous improvement journey by allowing companies to leverage external computing power, simulation programs, machine learning algorithms, and industry expertise. Actionable information can be at your fingertips in a matter of weeks for a fraction of what it would cost to install, configure, and manage all of this internally. So why aren’t all manufacturers doing this? The most common answer is cybersecurity concerns.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The potential benefits of leveraging Industry 4.0
  • The downside of a zero connectivity policy for industrial equipment
  • How to select a secure connectivity architecture that fits your specific needs including options for cloud hosting, on-premise hosting, and data diodes
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