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EdgeScout is a turnkey remote equpiment monitoring system solution hosted by RRAMAC Connected Systems.

EdgeScout offers comprehensive industrial remote monitoring solutions that can maximize production, reduce operating costs and keep your equipment up and running. You can quickly maintain and repair your production assets to control costs and track trends.

EdgeScout features custom reporting and analytics, easy installation, web and mobile apps, and secure data collection. The EdgeScout solution allows you to manage equipment performance and make real-time decisions anytime, anywhere

EdgeScout Remote Equipment Monitoring System Benefits:

Cloud Based – A cloud hosted solution will give you secure access to all of your remote systems anytime, anywhere through web browsers, mobile apps, email, text, and push notifications. Data and reports are stored at a secure data center with redundancy and automatic backups.

Customized – Your web interface and mobile apps can be branded with your company logo, colors, and font. We can also provide custom reports tailored to your specific industry needs with integrated connectivity to billing, inventory, maintenance, and other business systems.

Intelligent – We provide smart applications for predictive maintenance, product genealogy, energy savings, and more. Centralized data storage allows us to deliver aggregate views of your equipment with drill downs by equipment type, customer, location, etc.

Securely Connected – We provide end to end solutions that connect sensors, programmable controllers or other intelligent devices to the cloud server allowing quick access to valuable information you need from remote assets without compromising security.

Cost Effective – A cloud-hosted solution allows for minimal development costs and low annual subscription fees. There are no PCs to purchase, no software to install, no programming expertise required. ROI can be found within the first year through increased sales and reduced operating costs.

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