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EdgeScout by RRAMAC IoT Application Highlight: Railroad Track Switch Snowmelters

railroad remote monitoringRemote monitoring and control is a core IoT application for many rail-specific uses. Real-time data detects field failures and allows railroads to boost safety and increase efficiencies across the board. Railroad equipment including track switch snowmelter systems can be connected via secure, wireless communication networks to monitor voltage, current, propane tank levels, and other key operating parameters.

During inclement weather and hazardous events, remote monitoring allows the flow of critical information to authorized personnel via a web browser or cellular device. Snowmelters often get turned on and mistakenly left running for long periods of time. This can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel waste. With the EdgeScout remote monitoring system, notifications alert the user to snowmelter activity.

Maintenance personnel can use the remote monitoring app or any web browser to see what the snowmelter is doing and troubleshoot to overcome potential future problems. Authorized personnel can also turn on snowmelters and verify that they are operating properly. All of these actions can be taken without having to travel to the location. This provides a great benefit for railroad personnel especially during inclement weather.

The EdgeScout by RRAMAC remote monitoring solution provides benefits for many other rail-specific applications to monitor the status of your equipment and prioritize your response from any device. To learn more about the EdgeScout by RRAMAC solution or ask our team of IoT experts about your specific application, contact us today.

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