No Automation? No Problem.

The TG9 is a self-contained, weatherproof, industrial equipment tracking device that uses GPS and cellular communications to track the location and status of industrial equipment.  Internal sensors detect light, position, temperature, tilt, shock and more. Data is logged and totalized locally before being transmitted to the cloud periodically or on selectable events. The built-in battery will typically last 7 years based on one daily report. The TG9 mounts directly to your equipment using mounting screws or a battery mounting kit. No wiring or enclosure is required.

Track Equipment Maintenance with Ease

This IIoT solution is ideal for tracking maintenance requirements for equipment with little or no automation.  Vibration and motion signals can be used to alert you when equipment is in need of maintenance.  Runtime totals can be tracked and alert you when equipment is reaching preventative maintenance threshold.  Runtime is typically detected by vibration or motion, but can be derived from any of the built-in sensors or combinations of sensors.

How Does the TG9 IoT Work to Track Equipment Performance?

The TG9 collects data from your machines or equipment and transmits the data to the EdgeScout by RRAMAC cloud-based data system. Here, the engineers at RRAMAC can customize your web or smart phone based dashboard to meet the needs of your specific equipment. The data collected will be stored on RRAMAC’s secure servers and accessible from anywhere at any time. Branded web solutions and branded smart phone apps are also available.

Features of the TG9 industrial internet of things tracking device include:

  • Transmits data to a cloud-based management software
  • Gives insights on location, performance, and status of assets and equipment
  • No PLC, gateway or enclosure required
  • Operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C
  • Global connectivity to powered and un-powered assets
  • Uses a penta-band 3G/2G module to send position reports to a server.  (4G coming soon!)
  • Simple installation
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Track Equipment Runtime for $15 per Month

Fully customized EdgeScout solutions for the TG9 are typically $15 per month, billed annually.  Simple out of the box solutions using the TG server may be even less.  To get started tracking the runtime of your equipment, contact us today. A RRAMAC representative will be happy to talk with you about your goals and ensure that this is the right solution to meet your needs. For more complex equipment stats, the EdgeScout by RRAMAC IIoT platform can perform a variety of functions including predictive maintenance. Get started today.