RRAMAC to present at the Motors and Drive Systems 2020 Conference

Tom Craven, VP of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems will present at the Motor & Drives Systems 2020 conference on February 12 at 9:35am in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Craven’s presentation is titled, “IIoT Enabled Predictive Maintenance for Motors and Drives.” During this presentation, RRAMAC will discuss how leveraging the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for VFDs can be turned into actionable information that help diagnose failures and predict and prevent future failures.

This session will cover a range of Industrial Internet of Things topics, including:

  • Using the IIoT to securely collect and analyze VFD data for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance
  • Using VFD modelling algorithms that can start predicting failures from day one
    Predictive Maintenance case studies using the modelling and simulation approach
  • Recommendations for getting started with IIoT

The Remote Monitoring and IIoT Solutions Experts

As a leading provider of comprehensive industrial remote monitoring and IIoT solutions, RRAMAC specializes in providing customizable options to maximize production, reduce operating costs and keep your equipment up and running. Users of the RRAMAC tool, EdgeScout, can manage equipment performance and make real-time decisions from your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Attend this session for an opportunity to ask the RRAMAC experts about your specific application. For more information or to register to attend, visit the Motors & Drive Systems 2020 website.