RRAMAC is excited to announce a new connectivity option for users to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The EdgeScout Edge Node is a secure data collection device that is extremely powerful, yet easy to use. The release of this new product will further advance EdgeScout by RRAMAC’s connectivity capabilities by offering two additional hardware solutions that enable IIoT connectivity.

“This a great opportunity to offer our distributors more solutions to connect their customers to the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Tom Craven, Vice President of Product Strategy for RRAMAC Connected Systems. “The Edge Node is used to collect data from the user’s applications. When paired with EdgeScout, users can easily login and see the analytics that their EdgeScout platform was built to monitor and predict.”

Whether collecting data from a PLC, drive, embedded controller or directly from sensors, EdgeScout comes fully configured. EdgeScout enables users to see business level analytics including production totals, downtime, OEE, and more. RRAMAC configures and maintains the Edge Node remotely.

Edge Node Compact and Edge Node Rugged

There are two models of the hardware, the Edge Node Compact and the Edge Node Rugged. Each of these models are built with the user in mind for a seamless mounting, set-up and connectivity process. For more details on the two models, download the spec sheet.

Features of the Edge Node Hardware:

  • Plug and play data collection
  • Device comes preconfigured for the customers application
  • Local drivers for PLC/PAC/Drives or other automation equipment
  • Open platform supports both off the shelf and custom protocols
  • Local time stamped data
  • Report by exception
  • Store and forward buffering to prevent data loss
  • Upgrades and modifications managed remotely by RRAMAC

Security of the EdgeScout Edge Node

The EdgeScout Edge Node initiates an outbound connection to the EdgeScout Server via a LAN, Cellular, or Wifi connection using open ports or using a proxy server. The EdgeScout Edge Node can only connect to the EdgeScout Server using data encryption. No inbound connections are allowed. Since the connection does not use traditional VPN, no firewall holes are required. Additional 3rd party software licensing will be required. The IT and engineering experts at RRAMAC maintain these secure connectivity solutions for EdgeScout users.

The EdgeScout Edge Node also offers some advanced functionalities that can be added at the time of set-up or remotely by RRAMAC.

To learn more about the EdgeScout Edge Node, download the spec sheet or contact us at info@rramac.com.